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Flexibility and Time in Haifa

By Sara Franklin-Gillette, a student at the Study Abroad program at the International School.

flex1This weekend, I was supposed to go to Masada and the Dead Sea with a group of friends, but due to flash flood warnings, we decided to move our trip to next weekend. We decided instead to travel around Northern Israel – specifically we wanted to go to Rosh Hanikra near the Lebanese border. Then, due to the current situation with Iran, we were told to avoid traveling to the upper Galilee and Golan.

So, I ended up staying in Haifa for the weekend. It has been about seven weeks since I have spent a full weekend here – I’ve been so busy traveling around the country that I haven’t had as much time to explore Haifa.


I spent Friday afternoon at the beach, and then had a potluck for Shabbat dinner that night. On Saturday, I did homework, and then watched the Eurovision finals with my roommates. I hadn’t heard of it before coming here, but Israel’s entry – Toy – has been playing nonstop on the radios here for weeks. It was especially exciting because Israel won! On Sunday, I got brunch with friends and then went to MadaTech, the science museum, which I had been wanting to visit for a while.

It was a really nice, relaxing weekend that made me want to spend more time in Haifa. In the last few weeks of the program, I definitely want to spend as much time as I can visiting parts of the city that I haven’t spend much or any time in yet. One piece of advice for future international students here – make sure you don’t get too busy to appreciate the city you are living in!


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