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My Strange Obsession with Libraries

Julia Kaback is a a junior, American Studies major at Connecticut College where she writes for The Experience Blog and The College Voice about her experiences. This semester Julia is studying History, Political Science, and Hebrew at The international School.


I’ll never forget the day; I got my first library card. As I wrote my name, JULIA, in huge block letters, I was given literacy independence at the age of 4. Since that first library card, I have fallen in love with libraries. In high school, my friends and I would do our homework afterschool in the library and when we were told to leave at five o’clock, it was always hard to leave. In college, no Sunday is complete without a six-hour trip to the library and a few iced chai lattes to help aid in the nonstop studying, reading, and note taking. This semester, I have discovered the University of Haifa’s extraordinary library!

Many of the classes, I have enrolled in this semester require midterm papers. Since we are in the week leading up to the writing and submitting of these papers, I have met with library consultants to gather sources, find books, and talk about my ideas with them. As a student at the university, I can use whatever materials I find to for free, and so far I have used the numerous online databases to find articles about early Zionism and the role of women in pre-state Israel. I’ve come along way from my first picture books and big print books. I am now a full time scholar and researcher, and the library has given me the opportunity to do that. Plus, part of the fun is getting to put my study of Hebrew to good use when I need to ask for a sefer (that’s a book)!



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