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Buses and finding my way in Haifa

What happens when a New Yorker leaves the “Big Apple?”

Read on, to find out.

Author’s Note: Hi, my name is Julia Kaback and I am from New York City. Currently I am a junior, American Studies major at Connecticut College where I write for The Experience Blog and The College Voice about my experiences as a student at Connecticut College with the occasional food piece thrown into the mix. This semester I am studying History, Political Science, and Hebrew at The international School and cannot wait to share my adventures in Haifa with all of you!


In my first 3 weeks in Haifa, I’ve been exploring my new home away from home, and have discovered the best way to get around, on a bus! With my Rav-Kav, the Israeli version of a, MetroCard, I can go anywhere for 5.90 Sheckle! Recently, I found myself at Haifa’s central bus station and decided to venture to the German Colony for some lunch and sight seeing. I traveled by bus the whole journey and found it quite fun to see the sights and ride the roller coaster of the hills of Haifa! Many of the bus drivers speak English, but when in doubt, I can always ask:

“Affo, AUniversita Haifa?”

Where is the University Of Haifa?

While I realize my Hebrew is not the best, the driver gives me a slight nod of the head and, I am on my way. Does that nod of a head give me the “go” symbol? Yes! I wonder, who needs an amusement park to get a sense of thrill, when you have a bus system that can take you almost anywhere? Including Jerusalem to see my family for a weekend!  The only really pain about the buses in Haifa, is missing one, but that is another adventure and blog post. Lhetriot!



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