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Reverse Culture Shock! 

Can’t believe it is already my last week in Israel! Had a great time celebrating the end of 2016 and so excited to see what 2017 has in store!

To be honest I’m going to miss Israel so much. I know I’ll be experiencing reverse culture shock when I get back! Being away for 6 months changes your perspective on what really matters in life! I know I missed my family and friends like no other, but I know I’m going to miss the friends I made here as well! The life of living on your own  and having your own room has its perks but I miss the shared roommate life! Living without an oven for 6 months made me envy Tasty Facebook videos and surviving off one ply toilet paper makes you love Charmin even more. Love those bears! Nonetheless living in Haifa was absolutely amazing! A great city to meet people from all over the world and experience different cultures and gain knowledge about different religions.

I will miss the endless falafel shops, fresh pita, Israeli salads and of course the variety of hummus. Never thought I would like original hummus until I came here. Although shopping here was different than  my usual HEB and Kroger runs; I’ll miss the cheap cucumbers and light green zucchini here.

Another shock will be the location. Everywhere in Haifa I would have to take the bus since the University is on Carmel Mountain. I won’t miss the steep stairs when the elevator breaks, but I will miss the breathtaking view of the city down below!

I am so happy that I got to see all the sites and attractions in Israel through my backpacking trips and hiking trips with the International School. Who knows maybe next time I’ll get to see the Gaza Strip!

I’ll miss getting to use my Hebrew frequently to take the bus, order food, and try to guess what package says. Man did I feel illiterate at times! Along with that I’ll miss shopping at the mall and the crazy 1+1 deals and the 1+2 deals. The stores here like Castro, Nimrod, and Super Pharm will be hard to find back in the states.

I hope my jet lag won’t be that bad since I stayed up pretty late here on a daily basis! I’ll miss the 3 day weekends and having Wednesdays off to explore. Classes here were tough but I got use to the afternoon and evening schedule! I can now sit through a three hour lecture…pretty impressive I know. 

Most of all I’ll miss my OG crew and the staff at the University! I know we’ll keep in touch but it will be hard not seeing them around every single day. However now I have people to visit all over the states and abroad. For sure will have to go to Europe next!

Radhika Shah 


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