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In other words, stress, stress, and did I mention stress? However, here in Israel they start school late so my finals are a month from now


During this month I usually taking finals at my back university. In other words, stress, stress, and did I mention stress? However, here in Israel they start school late so my finals are a month from now. Yet even a month before is bunch of stress due to all the deadlines I have before the end of the semester. What other stress could add up to this? Well a week ago I went on a hike to the Dead Sea. This was one of the most amazing trips I ever been. Thus, I accidentally drop my phone in the sea. I thought it ok many have drop their phone in the beach and will work again. Yet, this beach was not any beach it was the Dead Sea and for some reason its call Dead Sea due to the concentration of salt. Which makes almost impossible to sustain live, only for a few organisms.
Dropping my phone here was a totally tragedy however, I didn’t realize this until a day later. My phone keep working like nothing happen but I still turn it off and place it in rice. I turn on the phone the next day so I could get it fixed. They change the skeleton of the bottom of the phone because it was not charging since it had drop but i hadn’t realize this until I had low battery. This is when the problems started the phone only work for a couple of hours and after that it was dead nothing work. I ended up stop trying to fixed because the tech people told me the salt was going to oxide the metals inside and I quit.
On the other hand, I though it should not be that bad staying without a phone for the rest of the semester because I had my laptop. I was so wrong. My laptop stop getting wifi signal and I was without internet the only way of using internet was using a public computer, which I detested.
I was without internet for a whole week. I felt so un stressful, I was really enjoying myself without any responsibilities ( because I had all my duties, assignments, and more in my phone). Yet I knew something was going wrong because I need a little bit of stress to be ok during this season mainly. I started to get worry I feel that I forgetting stuff, I need to get a phone I couldn’t wait to go back home in a month. During this time I got lost in the bus and I knew I couldn’t survive anymore without a phone in a foreign country. Thankfully, someone lend me their old iPhone 4 and everything went back to normal.
Reflecting in the experience I learn that i depend too much in my phone, or technology in general and I should learn how to live without. Yet, I like being not stress about my responsibilities for a while, but it made me worry.


Dan Luiton

University of Texas | B.A. History 2018


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