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Hiking in the Golan and the Galilee


This weekend was full of fun and adventure. The madrichim coordinated a hiking/camping trip in the Golan and the Galilee. I was very excited to go on this trip since I like being outdoors. We left from the dorms Friday morning at 07:00 to start our trip. When we arrived to our first hiking location it was surprisingly windy and cold. Being on the bus the weather looked warm since it was very sunny but it wasn’t. Once we began to walk I began to feel warm because we were climbing up and down and the blood was flowing. It was like this until the evening. The scenery on the trails were amazing, and I was having a good time being outdoors with the whole group. We began our hike at around 9:30 and we were back on the bus around 4 on our way to the Bedouin tents where we would be spending the night. Many of us were exhausted after the first day of hiking but it was indeed a successful day 1. When we arrived at our camping site, the whole group split into groups to prepare a portion of our whole dinner. Some people grilled the chicken, others made the salad, and others prepared the pasta. With teamwork and patience, we made an outstanding meal and I was beyond satisfied. After dinner we all sat around a campfire drinking tea, eating s’mores, and singing/making music together. Once I started getting sleepy I headed to the tent to prepare my things in order to go to sleep. It was very windy that night and I was awaken quite a few times because the wind was causing the tent’s walls to make noise. After a semi-restful night, it was time to begin day 2 of hiking. It was bright and early when we were awoken but the nice thing was that breakfast had already been served for us. After breakfast, we loaded all our stuff on to the bus and headed to our next hiking location for day 2. I have to say that the second hike was a little more challenging than the first because of the amount of rocks that there was; however, the scenery was great. On this hike we stopped at two natural pools that were just breathtaking to look at. When we got to the second pool, I decided to jump in for a swim. It was very cold but it was a great experience. I was mesmerized the whole time. As we continued the end our hike, we were able to see the Sea of Galilee in the distance between the mountains while the sun was setting. Afterwards we walked down to where there was a cafeteria in which we ended our hike and treated ourselves to some refreshing ice cream. After resting for a few minutes we boarded the bus once again and headed back to Haifa. I really had a blast on this weekend hiking trip. The scenery was beautiful, it was a great distraction from the busy life, and it was even better sharing the experience with friends. I can’t wait until our next trip!


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