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Hike to Golan Heights

This past weekend the International School took us on a trip to the Golan Heights and the Galilee. We left early morning on Friday and arrived around 9am to start our first hike. When we got off the bus it was super windy so we all had on layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm. The start of the first hike was not too bad. We took a lot of breaks for water and food. The hike was not easy though as we had to climb over big rocks and loose soil. I learned that my shoes can’t handle loose soil and slippery wet rocks. We finally reached our first waterfall! The water was so cold, but the view was breathtaking. We spent some time their taking pictures and eating lunch. I brought some quesadillas on trip along with sunflower seeds and fruit. I tried to stay hydrated through the trip, but I didn’t want to drink too much water and have to pee out in the wild. After lunch we continued with our hike and the sun started to warm everyone up. I was wearing a heavy jacket and pants and was literally dying from all the heat and no water. The fact that we had to climb up and down really woke up all my muscles that were in hibernation mode for a long time. At around 4pm we were finally done with our first hike on Day 1.


We went to the bus and that night we were to sleep at a Bedouin Tent. The tent is was in the middle of nowhere and was pretty hard to find. The wind started to pick up again, but by this point we were all hungry and tired. Once we settled all our belongings into the big tent we had to make dinner. On the menu was grilled chicken, pasta, and salad. I had so much fun making the salad and getting to talk with everyone in my group. We reminisced about stories from back home and talked about our hike from before. After about another hour and half we all had Shabbat dinner together. The food was nice and warm and we were all ready to eat. We ate so much as everything was so delicious. After dinner we cleaned up and made a bonfire! We ended the day with s’mores and hot tea. I went to sleep pretty early in my sleeping bag because I knew we had to wake up early for Day 2.

Day 2 started at 6:30 am and we were all tired since a bunch of us woke up in the middle of the night from all the wind pushing against the tent. We all got ready and had breakfast together. Nutella sandwiches and leftover pasta. I had to eat carbs to keep me fuller longer during the hike. We packed up and headed to the bus for our second hike. It was cold again, but I knew it would warm up so I put on a lot less layers than the day before. The second hike started out pretty intense with huge rocks to climb over. I had to get down on all fours to make it through the hike. We stopped for a lot of breaks since we were all tired and sore from the day before. We finally got to our first waterfall of the day and it was pretty sunny. A lot of people swam in the cold water and it was nice to just relax. After that we hiked up and down to our second waterfall which had to separate water pools. I dipped my feet into the pool and it was freezing! I’m surprised that people actually went swimming. My feet were so cold, but after about 10 minutes my body adjusted to the water. After that we headed all the way back up to the top of the mountain and that was pretty difficult. It seemed like we were hiking forever by this point. It took about two hours to get all the way to end off our hike. I was so happy to have finally finished the hike. I’m thrilled I made it through. At around 4pm we were back on the bus headed to the University.

When we got back I was super sore and excited to take a warm shower and sleep on my bed. I will probably be sore for the next week. Not sure if I will be ready to this again in a month when we do our Dead Sea hike, but I will definitely try my best. I really did enjoy my time on the hike and was glad that we had a great tour guide to show us the way. All of my friends were so caring and supportive and that is what kept me motivated throughout the trip.



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