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Before coming to Israel I did a lot of research on what types of food I could eat while I was here. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a major foodie! I’m all about trying new things and cooking them myself. If it looks good, smells good, and has a lot of flavor then I am all in! First off I am vegetarian so when coming to Israel I had to adjust my food plan to fit my day to day needs. Of course I came in knowing that I would live, eat, and breathe Falafels and after about two months here…I was so done! I could not eat another Falafel! I had to try new things to make while keeping up with my student budget. I had to find cheaper ways to buy the foods that I wanted to eat and stay healthy. I needed to find better produce to get some healthy greens in my body and find some fresh fruit. I finally found that at M Carmel which is a pretty cheap grocery store and they sell everything. It is your one stop shop! The produce there is amazing and they always have my favorite cookies in stock! I generally buy a lot of pasta because it is honestly easy to make when I get out of class in the evenings and I’m starving. It is also very easy to try different pasta recipes with various sauces and vegetables. It’s a better option than falafels every night.


So far I have tried to make something different every week to make life a little more interesting. I have made quesadillas, sesame tofu, Indian daal, stir fry, fried rice, and of course pasta. When I go grocery shopping, I generally buy enough food to last me two weeks. This is because my produce only lasts about that long in the fridge. Also I don’t have a car here so I have to carry my groceries to and from the bus stop so I try to carry light. My groceries for two weeks comes out to be 170 shekels and I buy a lot! The grocery stores here are different. They don’t sell spicy peppers or limes, but they do sell a lot of cucumbers and bell peppers and 3% milk. The prices for non-Israeli food is typically more expensive like tofu and shredded cheese is a little over $4. I have to pay the price if I want to eat those things. I have started to eat breakfast more and I generally eat rice cakes because it is a cheaper option than eating cereal and 3% milk. Oh and plain rice cakes taste horrible and have no flavor. I have to add some sort of topping like peanut butter or chocketa (which is off brand Nutella) and then I add bananas on top. It is the most delicious meal and I get pretty full after eating three rice cakes.

Additionally, I live on campus at the dorms where they don’t have an oven to bake meals. I generally have to find ways to make all my meals on the stove. You never really realize how bad you need an oven until you don’t have one anymore. I can’t make full on apple pie without an oven, but I can make some desserts that don’t require an oven at all. Like Oreo truffles is a really easy sweet dessert that everyone can enjoy.

I generally do not eat out a lot because it can get expensive and the options for me are pretty limited. Making meals in your kitchen is better because you know what exactly goes into your meal and can make sure that it is healthy for your body. Even though I am on a food budget as a student I never buy food just because it is cheaper option. That does not help your body be the best that it can be! Buy food that can help you be healthy and be yourself. I still have a lot of years ahead of me and I am not letting food be my downfall!



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