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I had the best time in Tel Aviv something that I will always treasure with my two best traveling friends.

This past week was Sukkot and we had the whole week off. I was tired of being home for the beginning of the break so my friends and I decided that we should go to Tel Aviv for a couple of days to explore the city.
We left on Tuesday and took a bus to the train station that took us all the way to the Hagana station in Tel Aviv. From there we went to our Hostel in Hayarkon 48 which is pretty close to the the Tel Aviv Beach. The first day we walked around the streets of Tel Aviv to find an ATM machine and to find good places to eat. We started off with dessert at my favorite place called COOKEEZ! Yin Yang cookies with Snickers ice cream! It’s was amazing! Later that night we found a Dollar Store! Yup everything for 5 shekels! It was amazing how affordable everything was at the Super Cofix. For dinner we went to Mexicana. It had good reviews on the internet, but man it was expensive. One burrito was 64 shekels. Still we went because I had a Tex-Mex craving that needed to be satisfied.We went and ordered food, but were not happy with the results of the meal. My Chimichanga had artichoke in it. I’ve never had artichoke in a Mexican meal before. My side dish of Esquites was delicious than my main meal.  Lesson learned that authentic Mexican food in Israel is not really authentic in my books. Nonetheless it was an experience. On our way back to the hostel we stopped by at the beach just to dip our feet and to feel that soft sand again.

Our room at the hostel was nice. We got a private room for two days and my friends were nice enough to give me the full size bed. First time having a great night sleep until people in the hostel started to make noise around 4 in the morning. Luckily we all slept in till 10 am and were ready to explore the city more, but first we had to find a Moneygram for my friend. Let me tell you there are literally so many Moneygrams all over Tel Aviv. Just our luck every Moneygram we went to they said the system was down and didn’t even bother to check for my friend. On our search we also found two Indian Stores in Tel Aviv. This made me so happy. I bought all the spices I could like Jeera, Rai, Mirch, and Garam Masala. I also bought snacks like Chakri and Banana Chips. My friends loved the Banana Chips!

After being rejected from 4 different Moneygrams there was a nice gentleman that explained to us that in Israel there are two different Moneygrams. Say what!! Yup that’s right! So the one that my friend needed was from a GMT Moneygram and we were finally able to get her money on King George Street. After that we were hungry and thirsty so we decided to go shopping at the biggest market on Carmel Street. The Carmel Market is beautiful with different shop owners. Now it’s not a market where you can bargain, but you can still find pretty cheap stuff. I ended up buying Aviators and I was thirsty so I decided to try pomegranate juice. The juice was really bitter and not worth my 10 shekels. We walked all the way down the street and found a Mexican restaurant called Sabroso which means delicious in Spanish. The owner opened the shop a month ago and calls himself a Mexi-Jew. He is from San Diego California and he had authentic Mexican food with real corn tortillas. Best meal I had in days! Afterwards we walked towards the hostel and found a froyo place so we had some dessert on this hot day in Tel Aviv. We walked towards the beach and took some pictures to last us a lifetime of the memories we shared in Tel Aviv. On our way back to the hostel we stopped for some bubble tea. I tried the Ibiza drink with pineapple boba. Super delicious!

That night we were too full to leave the hostel so we stayed in eating banana chips, dancing to music and watching Coming to America the one with Eddie Murphy. It was the perfect way to end our second day in Tel Aviv.

On our last day we checked out of the hostel and went to the Central Bus Station to do more shopping and eat breakfast. After that we walked to the train station and took the train back to Haifa! I did some shopping at the Hof Carmel and then we took the bus back to the University.

It was a great trip and I spent way too much money! I had the best time in Tel Aviv something that I will always treasure with my two best traveling friends.

So sad that the holidays are over, but that means I need to focus now on my classes here! Thank you for reading my blog! Hope you’re enjoying my travels in Israel! Two more months left! Love and miss all of you!



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