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Looking back being sick in a foreign country was not that bad.

This past week I have been sick with the common cold. I blame it all on the change in weather! It happens every year to me, but it’s hitting me harder being in Haifa. Let me tell you it’s a lot harder being sick in another country. Usually when I am sick at home I always have access to tissues, Vicks, soup, and regular over the counter cold medicine. Being sick in Haifa is whole other ball game. I don’t have any of that here. I have been looking online for natural remedies to get rid of a congested nose. I ended up spending my sick days in my apartment missing a couple of tours because I was not feeling too well. What did I do at home? I slept in most of the time, made warm food, put on long sleeve clothes, and watched a lot of Netflix. If you’re really sick though you can have a doctor come see you at your home which is super convenient. They give great advice and even give you medicine that is covered by your insurance. I am just glad that I had a common cold and not anything too drastic. I ended up going to local markets and finding vegetable broth as well as some apple sauce. I made some hot and spicy noodles and soup to clear out my sinuses and I felt much better. It’s really important to eat healthy and drink a lot of fluids when you’re sick. I drank a lot of water and oranges to boost up my immune system. Somehow oranges always do the trick in helping me feel better.

You don’t really realize how important things are until you don’t have them anymore. Funny enough some of the medicine I brought with me was made in Israel. I am also glad that I was sick while school was out so I did not have to miss any school.
Finally this Thursday I went to class and was able to see my friends again. The weather was pretty chilly in the morning and at was hot by the afternoon. This past weekend I went to Jerusalem to see the Jewish and the Christian sites with our social coordinators. I was feeling great at six in the morning until the heat kicked in toward the afternoon. We were on the southern side of the wall and I got dehydrated. I drank a lot of water and started walking in the shade to help me get through the day. Next time I am definitely bringing a hat or something to cover my head. I also needed food in my body and was full of energy again after eating falafels at the Shwarmabar.

After lunch we did more walking and saw the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus’s tomb is located and we also saw where the Last Supper took place. Of course these weren’t the exact spots but it was in that general area. I saw people from all of the world there. It was like watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. The tour guides were waving flags from different countries. People from Japan, South Africa, and Germany. Our last spot was shopping at the local markets. I wanted to get a couple of souvenirs for my friends and I was happy to have gotten a good deal. One my friends got a pretty amazing drum that was hand carved out of wood. It even sounded good too with the right beat. I knocked out on the bus ride home and when we arrived in Haifa it was time for the Shabbat dinner.
The Shabbat dinner was a little smaller than the one during Ulpan, but the food organized by the International school was amazing even for the vegetarians. The group activity we did before dinner was hilarious. My yellow group had to do a prayer in a rap form. Luckily we had brave souls in our group that could rap a prayer and make sounds that went to the beat. I was so full by the end of dinner and spent the rest of the night talking with friends and catching up on TV shows.

Looking back being sick in a foreign country was not that bad. I am glad to have learned from this experience and to have had support from my International family here at the University.


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