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Week 3 in Israel: Hebrew Ulpan



Can’t believe there are only five days left of the Hebrew Ulpan. I have learned so much from each class that I did not even realize how fast these four weeks went by. I am in level one of Hebrew where we started off learning the alphabet by writing out each letter. The Hebrew alphabet is written differently depending on where the letter is in the word. Memorizing the alphabet was tricky, but my teacher Saralee helped me by singing the Hebrew alphabet song. Every morning we start out by learning new words and we help our teacher write the new words in Hebrew. Then we do a dialogue every day based on the new words we learned. Now the dialogue has to be under a minute because in order to talk like a true Israeli you have to talk really fast. This really helps me in pronouncing the new words correctly and talking grammatically correct in Hebrew. Grammar has always been a struggle for me even in English. I am sure you can tell from my previous two posts. The grammar in Hebrew is easier because all the verbs follow the same rule depending on what pronoun you use. Also each class we play some kind of game whether it is battleship to help give direction in Hebrew or playing musical chairs mixed with Simon says to learn infinitives…somehow time passes by fast because the class is never boring. And to top it off my classmates in the Ulpan are amazing/funny people who live all over the world.  We also learn a lot of songs in Hebrew from the days of the week to the numbers song. Each one has their own addictive tune that it gets stuck in your head for days which is the point of learning the song in the first place. Every week after class there are Homework Clubs hosted by the Madrichim who help us with our homework and practice speaking with us in Hebrew. This club was a great way for me to meet some awesome people. I love the International School at Haifa University because they have allowed me to meet incredible people who have similar interest in learning Hebrew and about the Middle East. I have met people from Germany, Italy, Croatia, Kosovo, Latvia, Turkey, Lebanon, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, and Hungary. I am even beginning to pick up small words in Italian and Croatian as well. In my last week at the Ulpan I will be delivering my final project in Hebrew and taking my final exam. Memorizing all the words and grammar will be tough, but it will all be worth it because I can finally speak and get around Israel with the use of a lot of hand gestures of course. To end the Ulpan week I have some pictures of friends I have made during the Hebrew Ulpan. I will miss all of them, but will definitely keep in touch with them.

-Radhika Shah


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