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From the Shallow End to the Deep End…….


This is my third week attending the University of Haifa, and its been a great experience thus far. Haifa University is surrounded by so much beauty, Israel in general is a breathtaking country. I am so glad that I have chosen to study abroad in Haifa, Israel. I am currently enrolled in the summer program, so I will be here until September and I am anticipating learning and seeing even more.

The number one virtue I have had to intentionally go after is connection. Connection is something everyone wants but doesn’t necessarily go after it. As human beings we desire to be known and to know people. Being thrown into a study abroad experience, you can never anticipate the outcome. Will it be a positive experience? Will I make friends? Will I connect? I am happy to say that I have connected with so many different people. Not just the shallow connections of learning a persons name, birth of origin, and asking about their studies. I’m making those deep connections, the connections where your associates become friends and your friends become family.

I currently have amazing roommates from all different backgrounds. I have Banah from Israel, who is an Arab-Christian who is passionate about english literature and currently writing  her very first book. Then there is Juman from Israel, who is an Arab-Muslim who is focused on social issues and is massively creative when it comes to business. I have the most joy-est girl from China named Linda, she carries all the joy for the house. Linda makes sure to keep all kinds of notes around the house to remind us that we are all beautiful and we should be smiling every single day! We also just received a new roommate from the United States, where I am from as well. I haven’t had the chance to connect with her on a deeper level, just on the main shallow questions you ask someone you first meet them. However, from what I can perceive about her I know she is going to be a lovely addition to our dorm and I will be able to jump into the deep end with her.

So, just as one is swimming in a pool and feels more comfortable in the Shallow end there comes a time when you are craving for more excitement. All the fun and excitement is at the deep end of the pool. The shallow end places limitations on what you can do and where you can go, but while you’re in the deep end you can go as deep as you want and the deepness provides other activities you are able to do verses the shallow end, for example you can float in the deep end, you can dive into the deep end. Deepness means challenges, excitement, fun, and change. There is a certain fear that comes with going deep. I would like to state that fear is just a feeling, and once one pushes past it there is a beautiful connection to be made between people and the world.

3I hope that was a good analogy, if not you catch my drift. Dive into getting to know people that differ from you and every way possible. Experience the world through people. Haifa is not beautiful just because its views and landscaping. Haifa is beautiful because of the people who live here.



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