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Passover in Israel-JH

So my trip in Europe ended when Passover began. I spent Passover celebrating in Tel Aviv with my girlfriends family. It was quite an experience because I can’t remember the last time I was at a Passover Seder. For the first night, we sang some prayers, I read some passages in Hebrew (partially to show off some of my skills), had matzoh schnitzel, yeah know the normal stuff. What really amazed me was what happened after that.

In Israel, I don’t think I could find a place that served non-kosher food. Everywhere had food that was kosher for Passover. I even tried looking for things that were not kosher and couldn’t find anything. At the time I was quite annoyed. I kept thinking all I want is a nice sandwich with some real bread instead of places offering matzoh as a substitute. But looking back now I realize how unified this country is when it comes to food. My girlfriend learned something in one of her classes that proves this. It is actually illegal to have restaurants that serve non-kosher food. But Israel kind of picks and chooses what laws it actually enforces and I’ve been told its more of a law to appease the orthodox community more than anything. With Independence day coming up I see more and more the unification and patriotism of this country and it absolutely amazes me.

To end this I will enlighten everyone on how to make fried matzoh brei. I don’t know if I would have made it through Passover without this.

1 egg per two matzoh pieces (serves two people unless you’re hungry)

rinse matzoh before so it gets a little wet to help the crunching process

mix matzoh and eggs along with a little milk/water to make more liquid. However you don’t want it to be do liquidy because then you will have trouble keeping it stuck together

after mixing and matzoh is crushed well enough refrigerate mixture for 10 min

take refrigerated mixture and make little patties. take patties and put into a pan and fry until cooked

My favorite topping for matzoh brei is something called white cheese(גבינה לבנה) but I think its closest to sour cream. Other substitutes can be cottage cheese or really any other topping you think would be good on it. Good luck!

Unfortunately I am cropped out of the edge on both these pictures(you can see my arm in the second one on the left hand side) but this is my family’s seder 🙂

IMG_5150 IMG_5156




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