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What to do in Israel for Spring Break

Because I only have class on Wednesdays, my spring break started about a week earlier than everyone else’s. With this extra time I spent six days in Europe with friends from my home university who are also studying abroad. I returned the day that spring break started for the rest of the University of Haifa and already had my plans made. While many people from the University of Haifa were headed to Europe to do their Passover travels, I had made plans with three of the other students at the international school to stay in Israel. Spring break started on a Wednesday, and the next day, Thursday, the four of us international school students headed to Tiberius where we began the Sea of Galilee Circle trail, Shvil Sovev Kinneret in Hebrew. We spent the next four days hiking around the Sea of Galilee, in my opinion one of the prettiest parts of Israel. We hiked through beaches and farmlands, through resorts and nature reserves, and even spent time along the highways and going through water parks. It was a beautiful four days of hiking and three nights of camping done with pretty wonderful people. The 60 kilometer loop is quite a simple and easy trail for anyone looking to do it. It is mostly flat and so the hiking part is simple. It is good to have some sense of direction as there are several few kilometer sections where the trail in unmarked or blocked. The way we were hiking (we went South from Tiberius) we knew to always keep the sea to our left and the mountains to our right.

found the trail

People seem to forget a lot about the wonders that lay in their own country. In my experience, people who study abroad are doing so in part to see the world and discover new places. Well I have been to Israel several times before this semester, and all four days of my hike showed me parts of Israel that I had never seen. Especially for people coming from America who have not done a lot of world travel: yes it is quite easy to get over to Europe from Israel, but if you can’t, don’t fret! There are so many amazing things to do in this tiny county, so many trails to hike and places to discover. If you ever find you are bored, there is an easy fix.

sea of galilee.jpg



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