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Travel Tips-JH

So during Passover break, my girlfriend and I traveled to Rome, Paris and Amsterdam. I had a fantastic time and wanted to share some of my travel tips and maybe some pictures at the end.

Use visitacity.com for all of you itinerary planning

Visit a city allows you to pick from premade itineraries or allows you to make your own personal custom made itinerary. It will give you a lot of popular and possible lesser known activities and descriptions about what you can expect. If there is something that you would like to do that isn’t listed in its archives then you can even add custom activity tags and locations. It will plan how to get from place to place and will give you the directions of how to get there.

Buy tickets for flights, museums, tours, etc. in advance if possible 

Buying your flight tickets in advance is pretty much a no brainer but you should also buy the tickets for tours and museums in advance also if possible. There are several benefits to doing this. The most important is you get to skip the lines in most places. We had to wait in a few lines while in Europe and most of them are about 1-2 hours long. And trust me that is time I wish I had doing different things. The next thing is some places offer online discounts and who doesn’t like saving money.

Be open to hostels and Airbnbs 

My girlfriend and I stayed in 3 Airbnbs. I personally enjoy staying at these places for a few reasons; You get to live with a host/host family for as long as you stay who are there to help you if you need it and give you advice. The people I have met through Airbnb have been so friendly and helpful to my travels. You get to pick your location and a price that is affordable to you. They might be a little more pricey then hostels but they are also more private and more personalized. If you look carefully you can even find some that are the same price or cheaper then hostels. You also get to see the local area and lifestyle  if you have spare time after being a tourist.


Just as important as the tips above and probably even more useful while traveling. Here is a tip about buying a selfie stick abroad. They people who sell them are everywhere. They are overpriced and can be haggled just like the shuks in Israel(my Israeli girlfriend came in handy here). The one we bought was originally priced at 15 euros (bought it for 5). Your greatest power as a buyer is the ability to walk away. They want to sell it to you and will lower the price without you even asking. Just keep saying its to expensive. If they don’t lower it to something you are comfortable with walk away and try another guy because trust me there are at least 300 of these people trying to sell you a selfie stick.


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