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Solving my cooking dilemma! -JH

So I came to Israel with a few good recipes in my pocket. I probably had 5 or so dinner dishes and 3 or so lunch/breakfast dishes. For the most part, my recipes involved an oven which the dorms don’t have or maybe ingredients that were difficult to find at first or nonexistent in Israel.

I adapted and looked some stuff up or asked my roommates what they cooked. Here are two Israeli recipes that I learned to cook while abroad.

First I learned to cook shakshuka. Shakshuka is a fairly easy dish to cook. You need 2-3 eggs, tomato paste, any vegies you want and generic spices like salt and pepper. I like to use a little olive on the bottom of the pan to cook some of the vegies before I put the tomato paste in. So after cooking the vegies put the paste in the pan. The sauce is basically marinara sauce but it will most likely come in a little shakshuka bottle/pack. Add a little water to get the desired consistency if needed. After put the eggs and spices in and cover with a lid on low heat until the eggs are fully cooked (10-15 min). You can tell by giving it a small poke with a fork or something. After get some pita and enjoy!

Now I’m sure there is many ways to correctly fry schnitzel but this is the way I do it and I think it is also the cheapest way if you are on that college budget. First you go to the druze market down the street from the school and get 1.25 kg of chicken breast for 30 shekels which is the equivalent of almost 3 pounds of chicken for 7.50$. Next you need 1 egg, bread crumbs oil and seasoning. Make sure the chicken is fairly thin. The schnitzel in the picture below is probably the thickest you could go. Take the raw chicken and dip it in the egg then the breadcrumbs and seasoned mix. A helpful tip is to make all your chicken now and freeze the extra bread crumbed chicken for later. Take the chicken you want and put it oil. I like to use canola and submerge it about half way and flip it after about 2 minutes for a total of about 5 minutes. Make sure to check if it’s cooked all the way through by cutting it in half at the thickest part. After put the cooked schnitzel on a paper towel and wipe off the extra oil.

Hope you like my recipes. I find everything I know on pinterest. Weird website but good for finding recipes.






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