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Weekend in Tel Aviv for Purim-JH

So once again I found myself in Tel Aviv this weekend. I visited my girlfriend and this time another friend named Emily who I went to Jewish summer camp with back in the day. I went to a lot of purim carnivals and festivals with my friends here in Tel Aviv. I dressed up as a fire fighter and a hula beach dude the other day.

First off, we went to the beach and relaxed in the sun for a bit and walked around central Tel Aviv. Just being at the beach was really relaxing and was super enjoyable. Especially because I was in costume as beach hula dude. After that we walked or bused back to the university where we ended up cooking DINO PASTA! I couldn’t have been in more heaven but really only because I was eating dinosaurs.

The next day we went to this street carnival/festival thing. There upwards of 10,000 people there it was absolutely insane. I was dressed up as a fire fighter and it was probably the only decent costume I put together while I was here but I tried right? On the way back from the carnival me, Ella and Emily went to this pasta place called Wok Republic and ate some of the most amazing pasta even though I got curry with rice. We then went back and took a long nap aka I got to watch some tv while my friends slept. I accidentally let them sleep for like 3 hours (whoops) and they ended up not being tired until like 2 am.

Today was another great day. We just spent it at the beach. Emily taught us some Italian for when Ella and I go to Rome (Emily is studying in Florence right now). We laid at the beach for a few hours but it wasn’t very sunny which was nice because I didn’t to get burnt like a crisp. We walked around and showed Emily some of the cooler parts of Tel Aviv and then walked back to the University to get ready for dinner. We went to dinner at a place called Nelsons or something where Emily may have gotten the coolest thing ever. A shukshuka sandwich. Anyways Emily leaves tomorrow and its really sad.

I’m really happy I got to enjoy another relaxing weekend in Tel Aviv and especially during the craziness of Purim and while my friend Emily was here. Until next time 🙂

Street Festival: Look at how many people

 Costumes for the day (fire fighter, butterfly, sailor)

 Breakfast at Cafe Nimroch

 Emily’s Shakshuka Sandwich


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