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Catching up with my blog posts-JH

Ella came and visited me in Haifa for a weekend. We stayed at this beautiful airbnb with an amazing view of the mountain side and it was only a 10 minute walk from Haifa center. I surprised her with a dinner to one of my favorite places called Giraffe. It is an Asian/sushi place that’s famous for pad thai. Unfortunately I had some kind of virus and had a pretty intense fever and no appetite so I wasn’t really eating all that much this weekend.  For our other meals we went to a pretty place called Cafe Louise and you guessed it, Pizza Hut!! We were just feeling pizza I guess. The main event was a Maccabi Haifa soccer game. Unfortunately we left right as two goals were scored but the first 3 goals were incredible and the atmosphere was 100% I want to do again.

So my classes are in full swing. Just a reminder I am taking Hebrew level 4, Nuclear Arms Control in the Middle East and an internship at the University of Technion. Hebrew is pretty challenging because I skipped level 3 but I think I am managing decently. Nuclear Arms control is an interesting class where I am learning a lot. It is a lot of reading and focuses mainly on the Iran deal and the effects it has on international diplomacy. My internship is a design based internship where I analyze the strength and mechanical properties of 3-D printed titanium bike frame parts. I will also work on optimizing the price and manufacturing process later on.

Speaking of Internships or job related stuff, I have two options for when I return to the states. While both hypothetical I am optimistic. One is a mechanical engineering internship at HP in San Diego. The other is working with a computer repair and costumer service job in Tempe, Az.

So my University of Haifa program organized a Eilat trip down to the south of Israel. We went on many hikes of these really amazing craters and hikes overlooking 4 countries: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. We stayed in a really nice hostel and my roommates were really funny and mostly from my Ulpan group. We went to dinner at this really awesome place that I went to last time I was in Eilat called Mikes place and I got CHEESY BACON FRIES!!!! Other then getting my farmers tan to full perfection (aka really bad) we enjoyed some time on the beach just hanging out and maybe doing some snorkeling again.

At the University things have gotten more routine. The best thing about that is that my new friends and I have gotten a basketball schedule going. We play about 2-3 times a week. This is great for keeping my skills up and more importantly finally getting into decent shape. It really makes up for all the netflix I watch. We get lunch afterwards and I usually get shwarma at the local cafeteria. All in all I’m having a great time at the University.

Finally right now I am in Tel Aviv. I am visiting my wonderful girlfriend who is so graciously letting me use her computer right now :). The first night we went to dinner at her sister’s friend’s restaurant. Her sister was selling this drink called Kambucha or something so we went there to support her. Of course that wasn’t all that was there because there was some amazing Indian food. I had a lamb and rice bowl with some pretty tasty sauce on it. The next day I went to dinner with Ella’s mom’s side of the family. It was her cousin’s birthday and it was also a chance for the cousins to meet Nitsan’s new boyfriend Jake and his mom. Dinner was obviously the most important part and it was delicious. The next day we spent with Ella’s dads side. We went to this bagel place for brunch where I had my traditional favorite bagel with cream cheese, onions, tomatoes and lox. After we went to place soccer at a park which was a lot more fun then I expected because I don’t play soccer in the slightest. But after we went back to their house and played some FIFA which is soccer on the xbox where I proceeded to lose again to her 10 year old cousin.

Here are the pictures 🙂

Not Mentioned but Karaoke Night

 Overlooking 4 countries with Madrachim

 Indian food night

 Shabbat dinner with Ella’s and Jake’s family

 View from our Airbnb

 View overlooking 4 countries in Eilat

 Group photo next to the Craters


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