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hiking Ein Gedi

Time goes by so quickly, it’s already drawing closer to the second half of December.

The last two weeks were amazing and full of action and experiences again:

First and most adventurous: we went on a weekend-hike to Ein Gedi, an oasis in the desert next to the Dead Sea. It was all organized for us by the International School so all we had to do was jump on the bus –a t 5:30 in the morning. Getting up early is immediately forgotten, though, the moment you catch the view of the Dead Sea, start walking along the impressive rock formations rising up high over you, swim in the pools and water falls on the way, climb up the side of the mountain, have your lunchbreak in the pretties places… and of course take a million photos for memories. At night we stayed in a camp nearby, all together in a huge tent. We cooked our own delicious Shabbat dinner, and grilled some marshmallows over a little fire. So if you come to study here – make sure you don’t miss the weekend trips! J

Also during the week it never gets boring: after classes, exams or studying we get to top up the day with a little fun and celebrations! It’s just wonderful being around friends from different parts of the world for that:
One night my Colombian friend Laura taught us how to dance your way through a Latina-party by teaching us some steps of Salsa. Even without the perfect feeling for rythym and hip movement it was a lot of fun!
As it is the beginning of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday also known as the Festival of Lights, we got together for the traditional lightning of the candles which is also an excuse to eat lots of sweet donuts. My roommate also showed me how to make another typical Hannukah dish, cooked with heaps of oil as you are supposed to during this holiday: the potato-pancakes called Latkes.
To also spread some of our traditions from home, with some other German friends I made my own Glühwein with oranges and cinnamon – even if it doesn’t snow here – while having cookies and watching Christmas movies.

And even if it can also get pretty stressful with all our activities and events sometimes – taking a moment to stop for the view from the Uni up here on the top of the mountain, even if it sounds a little cheesy, is the most calming and reenergizing at the same time.

– Doro



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