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coffee in tel aviv

Instead of exploring new places on a road trip, this week was filled of a different kind of new experiences:

This is the time of the year when I hear from my friends about Christmas spirit spreading back at home with snow, Christmas markets and Glühwein – while being abroad, however, and surrounded by many students from the US another holiday was coming up and about to be celebrated this past week: Thanksgiving. It was my first experience of this holiday and I am lucky I even got to celebrate it twice:

On Wednesday night the International School organized an amazing dinner for us which topped all the expectations. The room was so nicely and thoughtfully decorated for our big family of international students with a buffet filled with loads of food, from the typical turkey over salads, potatoes, pies, etc. Thank you for preparing an evening of food, fun and friends! J

During this beautiful pre-Thanksgiving dinner a friend came up with the idea for another spontaneous gathering on the actual night of Thanksgiving the next day. In the spirit of the holiday we all prepared soups, stirs, desert and drinks to share, turned up the music in the Moadon for a lot of dancing and all spent another great night of Thanksgiving together!

It’s your friends that make the experience – this I find true for myself every day that I get to spent here in Israel. Whether it’s sitting together for cappucino & cakes at a café in Tel Aviv, for drinks at the beach or a sweet home-made brunch in our little dormitory kitchen in Haifa: it’s all about good company and the small things!

Besides all that, however, sometimes even an international student has to study: the time of midterms has come! But apart from the exams next week I’m already looking forward to do my volunteering, going to the theatre with my roommate and to the hiking trip next weekend!                                                                                                                                                                 – Doro

thanksgiving 1

thanksgiving 2



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