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Hello everyone J Last week Michal asked me to write about my experiences during my semester here at the University of Haifa and in Israel. During the nearly 3 months I have spent here so far, my stay has treated me to amazing trips all over Israel – from exploring the nature of the Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Dead Sea to visiting  Jerusalem, Nazareth, Safed, Tel Aviv etc. Writing about it all would expand a blogpost by far.

So I’ll start with this weekend and summarizing my experiences for you every week from now on. It is already 6 weeks into the semester and after a week of studying and classes, what makes the difference of being abroad are the weekends filled with traveling, adventures and trying so many new and culturally typical things.

This weekend, we wanted to explore the North of Israel: we rented a cute blue car which seemed to try to compete with the color of the sea and the sky this day –it felt like the first days spring in Europe and definitely like being on holidays!

Here are my 3 favorite places from the road trip – you have to visit while you’re here:

1 Rosh HaNikra, in the most northern place on Israel’s coast and right on the border to Lebanon, you can take a cable car down to see where the sea carved beautiful caves and tunnels into the rock. Pictures describe this place way better than words:


2 On the way back to Haifa we stopped in the old town of Akko. During dinner with a view of the sunset and of Haifa on the other side of the bay, we again meet such sweet, welcoming and open people: noticing that we are tourists, the girls on the table next to us come over, just to invite us to come back so they can show us around their town.

3 The next morning we drove to Bethlehem of the Galilee – a small village about 20 minutes from here. Very hard to say what was best: the fresh smell and colors of the spices in the Herbs and Spice Farm we visited, the taste of the numerous different kinds of Halva (a delicious sweet made from the region) that we tried, or the Jachnun we had afterwards which is an Israeli specialty for Shabat breakfast! Don’t miss this place full of these delicious temptations!

It’s been a brilliant weekend – let’s see what the next week brings…                                                                                                                                                                                         – Doro12277341_10208314742529154_1541842724_n


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