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The End of Spring 2015

The semester is slowly coming to an end and I can definitely feel it. I’m excited about going home, but also starting to feel sad that I’ll be leaving Haifa so at the moment it’s a tad difficult to describe how I’m feeling. This last weekend the University had our final weekend hike in the Golan Heights and it was pretty incredible. At home I was never much of a hiker, but I know when I get back I will definitely be doing more of it. Also, as luck would have it, I live in California which has some of the most beautiful places to hike in the world so I’m looking forward to that! We were going around the foothills of Mt. Hermon and at multiple points our professor/guide showed us when we were looking into Syria or Lebanon (which was often). We were also fortunate to see some spectacular views of the mountains and all the landscapes climbing up and going down the hills and mountains. It was a two day hike and the night we spent at a campsite was nice. The last time we went on a hike like this was in the Negev Desert in a Bedouin tent, but this time we were actually outside and it was much nicer. The cold, admittedly, made it a little hard to completely enjoy the incredible view of the night sky. I’m a bit of an astronomy buff so I can’t explain how much I love looking up into the sky at night and seeing the stars and planets (that are visible at least). The experience is unbelievable and humbling all at once, but that night was especially cold so I only looked up for a bit. The first day of the hike we climbed to the top of Mt. Meron and then through the next couple of hills surrounding it to catch the bus to our campsite. Camp that night was fun. On the last part of the hike we were instructed to collect firewood for the campfire that night and we delivered. Me and two other classmates lifted a really big log that everyone at first thought was ridiculous because it was too big. We eventually just stuck one end in the fire place and it was used to hold up everything we cooked for dinner that night. I cannot speak highly enough about the cooking skills of a bunch of students who are hungry and capable of working very well in groups! The following morning we got up at 6:30am to be out by 8 and were in the foothills by 9. This hike was so much more beautiful because of the stream and waterfalls that we got to see. It was too bad that we weren’t allowed to go swimming. It was also a bit more challenging because there was so much actual climbing, but I really liked that. It was a nice change of pace from just walking. We returned to the University that night. It’s only about three weeks now until the semester has ended and everyone returns home. I think everyone is ready for the semester to end. The University of Haifa has been good to us and I’m glad to have had the chance to explore so much of Israel. For those of you reading, I hope that you decide to come to Haifa to see for yourself how fun it is.

-PedroFinal Hike


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