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Remembrance and Independence

Hello Everyone!

My apologies for not writing in a while. The week we got back from break was a busy one. Midterm exams were all turned in and I did pretty well thankfully. Let’s hope that luck carries in to the final papers! The week after that was the day of Remembrance for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror and Israeli Independence Day which was surprising because it came just a week after the previous holiday, but I was excited and looking forward to the celebrations and memorials. For Remembrance Day, I went with a small group of students from the University of Haifa to Latrun where there was a huge ceremony with thousands of people. It was an English ceremony sponsored by MASA and it was at the Artillery Museum and they had a lot of different types of tanks and forms of artillery on display. The ceremony was also moving as it had several family members of fallen soldiers and victims of terror come to talk. The following day was Independence Day. I was told by my roommates and friends that live here that it is similar to American Independence Day in that everyone has a Barbecue and they have fireworks. I was also told that the two holidays were back to back for a reason; Israelis wanted to celebrate the saddest holiday and immediately follow it with their happiest. I can definitely concur that it was the happiest because everyone was in a celebratory mood. I got to go to two BBQs and they were both great! One in Haifa was with a friend I met in Ulpan and his apartment was a great place to view the fireworks. He has an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea and the beach and the fireworks were shot out towards the sea so the city could see them. We could also see the firework shows in cities across the Bay in Akko (Acre) and surrounding towns so it was really a spectacular view. The other one was the following day with a few of my roommates going to another roommate’s house in Jerusalem. The fireworks weren’t going to happen that night because the Jewish days go night to night, but the BBQ was still awesome. We had chicken, steak, pork chops and a bunch of other things that made the holiday one to remember. Overall, I very much enjoyed the holiday and realize that my time in Haifa is slowly running out. There are only a few weeks left of the semester and still a lot of work to do. I’ll talk to everyone soon.


yom haatzmaut yom hazikaron


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