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There have been so many adventures studying abroad at The University of Haifa but this weekend was defintley one for the memory books! Here’s a look into just some of the adventures possible in Eretz Yisrael.

This past weekend myself along with 3 other students from the International School rented a car and created our own tour of Israel. We went to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and Akko. We got to see Israel through the road of Israelis. We started the day at 7:00am to sit there for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to start the car. Turns out that the rental cars here need a secret password in order to unlock them…very inspector gadget like if you ask me. After we finally got the car rolling we drove to Jerusalem and ended up driving through a parade route. Turns out we were not the grand marshals of the parade but it was definitely an experience. We came into the old city through the Jaffa gate and were greeted by merchants, music, and the smell of amazing food. Israel truly has a way with flavors when it comes to food.  We sat down with amazing shwarma and falafel in the Jewish quarter and then were pulled from our seats by a crowd dancing and singing with joy. So we decided to join in the celebration not knowing what we were celebrating. It turns out we were dancing and singing with a party for a 80th birthday celebration for the most adorable old woman. Facebook-20150428-012121

With so much struggle and fighting surrounding Jerusalem it was nice to see a celebration bringing people together in the old city. We headed to the Western Wall and in front of us was a sight I had not seen before at the wall. Women were standing on chairs participating in the men’s section songs and having conversations with men openly over the barrier.Facebook-20150428-012109

So I joined them and began to see what the other side looked like. Men were reading from the Torah, dancing, and praying out loud. When I turned my head back to the women’s side I saw women in silence bowing their heads as individuals but not as a community like the men’s side showed. After standing at the wall for about 20 minutes the sky opened up and there was rain but it was soon followed by hail. Apparently this is a weather occurrence that just does not occur in Israel or even Jerusalem fr that matter. It felt pretty at home to me being from the Midwest where we have every form of weather and April showers do bring may flowers .

After our day in Jerusalem we headed out to Tel Aviv. We spent the night in Tel Aviv and ate at probably the most American restaurant in all of Israel, Mike’s lace, but they do have the most amazing mac and cheese so I highly recommend it. Due to the storms the concert we were going to go to was rained out but with good company you scan still have a good time. The next morning we woke up and went to Jaffa which is only a 30 minute walk down the boardwalk of Tel Aviv. Facebook-20150428-012751 Facebook-20150428-012800 Facebook-20150428-012805There is such a beautiful look over the ocean as well as an exciting and vibrant market life to experience. Jaffa has such a rich culture full of art, music, and shopping.

After Jaffa we headed back to Haifa for a free night stay in our cozy dorm beds which was really nice. The next morning we headed out to Akko for the day.Facebook-20150428-113943 Facebook-20150428-012204

We arrived with the most beautiful weather and the best view of the beautiful water off the coast. We got to climb on the old fortresses, see some cannons, and explore off the beaten path until we got lost. It’s always an adventure when you’re with friends. It  was a good weekend indeed!

With love and hummus,

Becca Levine



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