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Hello everyone!

I hope everything is well.

Today, I’m going to talk about a few of the trips we went on during Ulpan. For my university program, coming to the Ulpan was required, and I absolutely loved it. This isn’t to say that the Ulpan was a walk in the park. They don’t call it the Intensive Language Ulpan for nothing! So the Ulpan had about one or two trips a week and I went to everyone. I won’t talk about all of them, just because there were a lot, but I will mention my favorites. We went to Nazareth, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa, Caesarea, Tzfat (Safed), and Rosh Pina. Every trip was really incredible for different reasons. My favorite was going to Nazareth and going to see the Church of Annunciation. Seeing the holy sites of the Catholic Church was important for me and this was a big one. I hope to also go see Jerusalem soon and eventually Bethlehem. We had a pretty big group for some of the earlier trips, but fewer people went on the later ones for whatever reason. I appreciated the leg room in the bus and being able to stretch out! When we went to Tel-Aviv/Jaffa we were more in the old city seeing some of the early churches and synagogues and that was very interesting. For a long time I wanted to study religious studies because I thought I wanted to be a priest until high school. I still like studying religion and reading about it just for myself now because I like to learn about the way people interact with their faith. This makes Israel a really interesting place because there is such a fascinating mix of ancient and modern. In Caesarea we went to the Roman runes to see a few things, like the remnants of the amphitheater. We learned that the city of Caesarea has actually been under the control of different groups throughout history and has been constantly changing hands. In addition, the crusader entrance into some of the areas were so cool to see because they were so well preserved. Plus, you can’t complain about the beautiful view of the beach! We visited Tzfat and Rosh Pina in the same day and I was fascinated by the Jewish history that both cities held in the early history of the development of the state of Israel. It was interesting to learn about the first group of Jewish people coming back to the land of Israel. Luckily, I’m going to be here for the entirety of the semester so I’ll have the opportunity to take even more trips! I’ll talk to everyone soon! If you have any questions and want to be in touch, feel free to email me: pedrosnaveiras@yahoo.com


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