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Thou Shall Not Debate…Part I.


In My Prime – I had to… 

This post is the first part of my final blog-work done in Israel. I intend to go into the depths of my personal life in these next two posts. I have been waiting to publish these posts for awhile, but I think the time has come. The final post (which still needs work) reflects more on my personality and how it has revived while in Israel. 

All Good Great Things Must Come to An End… unfortunately in nine days [crying…] Still, I am in denial that I am leaving. Pardon my rant. I am just upset.


 [Insert Personal Allegory Here]

When I was in middle school and high school, I was more expressive about my views and political ideas. I debated anyone, who seemed to slightly disagree with me, and I felt compelled to assert my views. I made sure I was louder than them, and I ensured people of my outlooks.

My allegory should be categorized as “Things Not to do.” I believe that everyone has the right to openly express their political ideas or outlooks on certain issues, but nobody should go to the extent that I did during my adolescent years. There are some people, who refuse to have conversations with people that outwardly and rambunctiously express their ideologies. With that said, there is a lack of intellectual conversation.

As I grew up, I have learned that if you debate less you learn more. You understand different perspectives on certain issues, and you conceal your ideas on certain matters. I am conservative. Always, I have been conservative, and I align myself with the Republican Party. Nowadays, my colleagues and peers are at times surprised when they find out that I am conservative. They would not have guessed my political affiliation, and honestly, I like it. My predilection for this ignorance is because people are open and frank with me. They inform me of their outlooks on political, social, and economic issues.

[Insert Actual Post’s Purpose Here]

While in the Middle East and foremost Israel, I have learned to not debate political issues and keep quiet. I do not debate for several reasons. First, I do not live in Israel, so I do not know what it is like living here as either an either an Israeli Jew, Arab, Muslim, Christian, Druze, etc. Therefore, I lack first-hand knowledge about what actually occurs in Israel. Second, I want to know what other people have to say about the living conditions in Israel. Personally, I thrive to know their perspectives on matters occurring in Israel.

If I constantly debated my peers, my roommates, or other Israelis, I would not have learned about the many perspectives existent in today’s Israeli society. I am proud of my decision to refrain from debating others during my time in Israel.

[Insert Sappy Conclusion Here]

[Trying to Flow with the Post/Might Not/I Am Ranting/I Know]

I usually do not give myself credit for anything. Indeed, I like to submit well-done work and make my colleagues proud of me, but I try to stay as humble as possible. My objective is dedicate time to my work and complete it as best as possible. I do not need to be acknowledged or given attention for good work.

Though, I will give myself credit for this: I like the person I have become (especially in the past year).

To Be Continued…


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