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“Better Late Than Never…I Guess?

 Dearest Readers, I am truly sorry. It is taking me years to complete this blog post. I find myself writing, and as I go to continue my post, something comes up.  The semester is concluding, my works seems to be overwhelming, but it is okay. In the end, everything will be completed and done well. Unknown

 I apologize for not submitting a post last week. These last two weeks have been hectic. I have been traveling non-stop (Tabour Mountain, Daburiyya Village, Jerusalem, Akka, Nazareth, and the Golan Heights) throughout Israel. On top of all this traveling, I find myself overwhelmed with a bit of work to accomplish. As a result, I was unable to write a post last week. Yes, I could have rushed through a post about some event during the week, but I would not want any of you to read that. As I said, I do not want a traditional blog that outlines my travels – boring.

With that Said…             I want to note that I am leaving in eight days, and it makes me very sad (Pardon my impish-vocabulary). I told my parents that I rather them come to visit me, stay here, and we can learn all about Israel, the Middle, East, Arabic, and the Arabic Language. I thought it was a rather convincing argument, but my parents did not seem to “buy” into it (Sigh…). Thus, I will have to depart from Israel in fourteen days… As you can see, I noted various studies while trying to convince my parents to come to Israel, and that is what I intend to reflect upon…. Many people see the makeup of Israel in two perspectives: Israeli Jews and Arabs. I think these ideas of Israel [and the Middle East – but that is a topic for later] cause many pre-conceived/wrong notions. While being here, I have realized that these two cultures do not comprise all of Israel (And I have also discussed this topic with my internship supervisor). As most of you know, Israel is comprised of Jews, who immigrated to Israel from various parts of the world and compellingly carried their values and customs with them. Also, there are Jews, who are born in Israel. Then, there are native-born Arabs, who are Christians, Druzes, or Muslims. Each sect contains their own traditions, which may reflect their families, religions, or beliefs. With that said, Israel contains many cultures (not just two). I believe Israel is like a melting pot “salad bowl” (reference from my ninth-grade global history teacher) because there is not a fusion of these cultures into a single, unified Israeli culture. There are many traditions, which are prevalent in Israeli society. Ultimately, it stems from your family’s roots, beliefs, and personal customs. Israel is not a “melting pot.” Instead, these various cultures remain existent in Israeli society, and thus, I referred to Israel as a “salad bowl.” In the bowl, there are several components, which make the entire salad. Each component is key to making the salad taste delicious (This analogy is humorous, but it is true). This analogy holds truth in Israeli society. As I said, there are a numerous amount of cultures prevalent in Israeli society. I find this idea to be thought provoking. Take a minute to think – there are many people who see Israel in the visions of Israeli Jews and Arabs, but these people are entirely wrong. Ultimately, these people need to look deeper into Israeli society to find that these sole outlooks are fallacies. In order to understand and appreciate Israeli society, people need to look beyond these seeming perspectives to gain awareness of the various present cultures. 71d343748a91c10b40ca3612bfd96016


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