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Judean Desert & The Dead Sea

Hello everyone!!! It’s been a while hasn’t it??? I know!  Let’s just say school and trips are not easy to keep up with!  I promise when I come back I am going to be more multitasked then I was before I left.  Or maybe just more organized!  LOL!  Okay anyways, I have been desiring all week to tell you all how my hike went so Here goes!

HIKING!!!!! Is NOT made for me!!!! I tried it and I am glad I did, but I did not enjoy the hiking part too well!  I went hiking in the Judean desert which was absolutely beautiful!!!  It was very rocky though.  We went hiking up and down mountains.  They felt more like Cliffs!  I mean, I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that we were on a hiking trail if the guide didn’t tell us, or if i didn’t see little markers. However, it was extremely difficult!  The rocks were very slippery and we were hiking on edges of a mountain.  One wrong step and you were done!!!!  NO i am not exaggerating! LOL!  The hardest part for me was going down the mountain.  The rocks continued to slide under my feet.  Some areas I had to sit down and slide because I was too scared to fall! LOL.  You talking about somebody who was praying.  I wan’t even thinking any longer!  LOL!  I literally held on to the rocks on the side of the mountain on every step that i made.  I walked lunging forwards so just in case i fell I could fall forwards and not back.  I figured my chances were better that way!!! LOL.  Mind you, all this with a heavy backpack on my back!!! LOL I am laughing now but i promise you i was not laughing then!  There was one part in the hike where i just sat down because I wanted to give up, then I realized there is no way off this mountain, giving up was not an option.  I just stayed in the back with the staff and security!  They helped me out a lot.   This all happened on the first day.  We hiked for 7 hours on the first day.  Don’t get me wrong the sights were gorgeous, it was just something i wasn’t used to!  Oh and on top of that, when they told us to pack toilet paper, I thought they wanted us to pack it just in case the bathrooms didn’t have toilet paper.  WRONG!!!  There were no BATHROOMS!!! We had to find a place and use the bathroom behind a rock!!! A ROCK!!!  They called it nature peeing!!! LOL.  I couldn’t hold my bladder even if i wanted to! I thank God i thought to bring some sanitizer wipes because i couldn’t take all this “nature” stuff.

At the end of the first night things got better. We went to a camp site and we slept in a huge tent.  We cooked dinner together as a group.  This was fun because we had an assembly line going.  Yes there were bathrooms at the camp site so we did wash our hands!  anyways, the girls did all the chopping, and the prepping of the side dishes, the guys were on the grill! LOL Just like in America! and we all helped make pita on a oven over a campfire!  It was really fun!  afterwards we ate together, then we cleaned up and roasted marshmallows over the camp fire.  I didn’t stay up long because i was extremley pooped!

We got up the next morning at 6am and watched the sunrise.  It was so beautiful!  I have it on video and I’ll show you all when I get home! I tried to post it but it won’t post.  Anyways then we went on another hike for 4hrs.  This one wasn’t that bad, going up was a little difficult, but i am realizing I JUST NEED TO EXERCISE! Just because you’re skinny doesnt mean you’re fit! LOL!!! Okay I’M DONE! LOL! Anyways, on day two we went through a valley which was very cool.  I started thinking, God i went to the mountain and the valley literally!!!  I know i can be “deep” sometimes!  Then We went to a spring that we were allowed to get in, I got in just to take a pic next to the water fall!

Finally We made it to the Dead Sea!!! After a day  and half and 11 hrs of hiking i was ready to float on top of water!!! It was so amazing!  You literally are floating in the water.  Your feet does not touch the ground!! I layed on my back in the water with my hands folded behind my head as if I was in the bed.  Then I flipped on my stomach, but didn’t stay there too long because i didn’t want to get the water in my eyes.  The dead sea is very salty.  Because of the salinity levels, that is the reason why we are able to float.  It is the lowest place on planet earth!  I got the water on my lip and it went numb!  The taste of the salt was ridiculous! Nothing like salt water I’ve ever tasted.  Imaging dumping a 5lb bag of salt into 12oz of water!  Salty!!! LOL!!!  There was a certain type of mud there that that people put on their bodies.  Its supposed to make you have better skin!  However I didn’t mess with the mud! Honestly I couldn’t believe I was in the beach water in December!  That will never happen at home.  It was around 75 degrees but it was hot!  The water was chilled but not too cold.

I enjoyed going to the Dead Sea!  The Hike not so much!  However I will go again if to expose my future children, if they so desire!  I don’t want to keep my children from certain things just because I didn’t like it.  Being in Israel and being around students from all over the world is showing me how much you can learn just being exposed to things.  So with that being said I want to expose my children to many different things in life, including HIKING!!!  But all in all it was a good trip!  But you better believe Sunday, I was in extreme pain from all that hiking!  Told you I need to exercise!  Until Next Time!

Written By: Shantel Davis
Featured Image By: Zuzana Horňáková

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