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Israel-Milk and Honey

Time flies! I have been an exchange student at the University of Haifa for one month. Now, I am used to living in Haifa. If you ask me how is Haifa? I will definitely tell you Haifa is a secret garden, like Eden. Haifa is a small city near Mediterranean, the blue sky connected with the blue sea, white clouds hanging on the sky. Standing at the Bahai Gardens, looking at the whole city, you will realize that white houses in Haifa actually are clouds falling down from the sky forming an amazing picture of Haifa. Palm trees are everywhere here, and it seems, cover the long history of white houses, as well as this land.


I still remember clearly how excited I was the moment when I arrived in Ben Gurion airport one month ago. Sitting next to the window of the train from Tel-Aviv to Haifa, which is built along the coast of Mediterranean, I looked at the scenery of the coastal line and shouted out “Finally, I see the Mediterranean!” I realized my dream to see it rather than let it stay in the geography book in my high school. Yes, I am on the way to make my dream come true. And the reason for me to come to Israel is to pursue and realize my dream.

During this month, I walked in Jerusalem, feeling it’s splendid, solemn and respectfulness; I reached the sunlight on the beach of the Dead Sea, swam to shore, floated on the water and enjoyed the nature of Dead Sea mud; I stepped in Tel Aviv, attracted by her advanced, young and alive spirit. I stopped by the Jaffa Old Port, drinking a glass of Mojito. I visited Hi-Tech Park of Herzliya, astonished by amazing Hi-tech industry; I drove from Golan Heights to Syria, marked by the tough rock and high mountains.


When it comes to Israel, I have to mention fruits and wine here. Every Friday, I carry three bags of fruit back home from Hadar market. There are various kinds of juicy fruits with cheap prices. Usually, you just have to spend 15 NIS for almost 20 kiwis and 3 NIS for 4 lemons. The pomegranate is big and red. After being cut apart, you will see the ruby color. Taste it, you will fall in love with its sweet and sour taste. Also, we should try Israel Champagne. Because of abundant sunlight here, the grape used to make wine is really juicy and fabulous. Therefore, Israel Champagne is full of juicy smell, teasing your tongue.

In the University of Haifa, your friends are from all over the world. Our skin have different colors and we speak different languages. However, we study Hebrew together, worry about exams together, dance together, try Israeli food together, go camping together, go hiking together, go across muddy rocky land hand in hand together, enjoy sunshine on the beach together, swim together…… anyway, too much fun together. Everyday for me is busy and interesting on this colorful land.


I feel like I have been familiar with Israel for years, even though I have been here for just one month. I come here with my curiosity, and I find the answer to my doubt everyday. The way of my future is more clearnow. The life in Israel tells me where I should go and where I should stop by. There are still seven months left in Israel. I think I will have more surprises and sweet memories here. You know why? Because Israel is a place full of“ Milk and Honey”

By: Bingni Zhang

Exchange student of Xiamen University


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One comment on “Israel-Milk and Honey

  1. ela
    December 1, 2014

    Wow. Sounds wonderful. I look forward to visit this place of “Milk and Honey” next year and to study with such amazing people like you 🙂 All the best, Raphaela

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