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The Benefits of Children


am not the best person with children, and overall, I would say that I am not kid-friendly. Most times, I find myself annoyed when kids whine, shout, and play roughly, etc. I especially do not like when children are rude to adults. It does not happen all the time, but when it does, I cringe on the inside.

 All in all, I refer to kids as rug-rats

 I know this statement is not the nicest, but I am being frank on this blog, right? When I tell people that I do not like kids, they look at me and say – “How?” I simply say that I do not care for them. The response usually goes – “Weren’t you a kid once?” My reply is “Yes, but I am not one anymore…” Thus, I take a step back from children…

 So Jacqueline, why are you writing about the benefits of young children? You do not like young children…

 Well, I do like some children. I like children, who use their brains before their mouths/hands/ are not too talkative, well-behaved, use manners, are not rowdy. Children, who comply with these simple standards, are good in my eyes. Thus, I will interact with these kinds-of-children.


When I was in Jordan (sigh) two weeks ago (sigh), I spoke to several children and was fortunate to practice my Arabic with them. I must admit; these Jordanian children were precious. They were very outgoing, willing to help us with our service project (painting a schoolhouse), and they were open to helping me with my Arabic. The children understood that it was not my native language and that English was, so the children taught me various phrases, words, and we even played games in Arabic. It was a wonderful experience to with these children.

 This experience made me reflect on the great benefits that kids have to offer. The kids were willing to help me speak in Arabic, they went slow when they spoke, and they gave me compliments whenever they knew I was trying to speak. After this day, I thought – “Maybe kids are not so bad after all…”

I Would Like to Add…

As most of you know, I have been taking Arabic Language courses for the past two years. I took Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for my first two years of college, and while in Israel, I am taking Spoken or Colloquial Arabic. This language course allows me to learn the Palestinian Dialect, which can be used in the Levantine countries (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, etc.) While in Israel, I have been adamant about learning/speaking the language. After taking Arabic for two years, I want to be able to speak it. Thus, I have resorted to this:

 Aka…watching clips of Disney Children’s Movies in Arabic (foremost Aladdin because it’s my favorite.)

 The Sing-Along-Songs bring me back to my childhood. I used to sit in front of the television for hours watching these fantastic movies, and now, I am able to use these songs to help me with my Arabic. Since I know the English lyrics of the song, I can memorize the lyrics in Arabic and understand the song.

 It is a win-win situation – I get to watch Disney Movies [Who does not love Disney?], sing along to memorable, childhood songs, all while learning Arabic.

 By: Jacqueline M. Luciano





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