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Will You Adopt Me Please?

For the second semester, the Student Union launched “Adopt A Student” which is a program it runs with the International School. Tonight, I met a mixture of International and Israeli students. Snacks and soft drinks were available, but honestly, who has time for a snack when you’re too busy meeting people and making new friends?

We started off with an ice breaker. One person stood in the center of the circle and that person is supposed to say things that they think no one else has done…the point being to stand in the center the longest. However, as much as people like talking about themselves, no one likes standing the center of the circle forever. So obviously when someone said something like “I was in India” or “I was in the Army” someone stepped up because they had the same experience or was in the same place. This went on for about 15 minutes before we sat down and got our clocks. The clocks were sheets of paper designed like a clock. Next to each hour was a space to fill in someone’s name. We then had to go around the room and fill all twelve hours with names…preferably people we didn’t already know. SPEED DATING!

Maybe I am just not that lucky but I have never been on 12 dates (boys and girls) in a single night. Five minutes later, we were on to the next date. I met some incredible people. I loved hearing different life stories and finding out what we had in common. For those who know me really well, you will know that I love to eat. Snack time all the time. But of course, I don’t like cooking. GUESS WHAT! I met someone that likes to cook! I also met someone who knows where the “best” falafel is in Haifa (needless to say I will be making the trip soon), and someone who I could see myself easily becoming close friends with.

Having met so many people, it was hard to find one person that I wanted to “adopt” me. But after careful consideration (30 seconds of thinking) I decided to ask the girl that I felt I matched up with the best if she would “adopt” me. And she accepted me with open arms! How sweet! We exchanged numbers and before the night was over, made plans to meet up this week.

I also could not leave without getting more numbers and names to add on Facebook. So after dating 12 people in a few hours, leaving with new numbers of people I can soon call “good friends” is a success.

I am really looking forward to seeing how my relationships with my new  friends grow and hope to see more connections blossom from this program as well.


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