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Girls Night Out!


Students studying abroad at the University of Haifa come from all over the world. We all have certain customs or cultural aspects that not only make us unique when compared to each other, but also helps identify us to our home country. Though we may speak different languages and like different foods, one thing that is universal is our desire to make friends. The best way for a bunch of girls to get to know each other is for a timeless Girls Night Out (GNO)! Grab a girl from the Netherlands, from Japan, from Mexico, from Israel, and from the USA, hop on the bus and go out for a drink. We have already left the comfort of our home countries and take that one step further by leaving the comfort of our shared university. As a small group, we were able to talk. We didn’t have to shout over others to share about ourselves and let our guard down. We raise our glasses to a “Cheers” or “L’chaim” or the equivalent to new friends and new memories! We had a blast! We laughed, we hugged, and we made plans for the next GNO.

With a campus as diverse as the University of Haifa, it’s hard to get to know everyone at once and to casually be able to pull our your phone (with your new Israeli phone number) and send out a mass text with the night’s plans. Our first GNO would not have happened without word-of-mouth. One girl went up to another saying “Hey, I’m (insert name), would you like to go out tonight and grab a drink? Tell other girls!” We didn’t know how many girls to expect or who was coming, but that didn’t matter. I highly recommend getting small groups of new people together to grab a drink or dinner–whatever you can do that is both fun and intimate. Don’t be afraid to go up to new people, make an acquaintance, and start giving out your Israeli phone number! Take it from me; I give out my Israeli phone number here faster than I give out my regular phone number at my home university in the US.

So long story short, grab a friend, grab someone you don’t know, and don’t forget your bus pass and money! You’re just one good idea away from making new friends!


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This entry was posted on October 21, 2013 by in Student's Stories.

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