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That Time We Had an Incredible Shabbos Dinner – Pammie Shapiro


The title of this weeks blog pretty much says it all. I’ll get to the details of this awesome night after I recap some other events of the past week.

Since my last post, I have successfully done laundry which wasn’t too bad. I made it through the midterm which also wasn’t too bad. Ulpan is still rough but I’ll make it through. I definitely can tell my Hebrew has improved, I just need to actually use it now!

Liz and I took a bus and somehow ended up at the bottom of the Baha’i Gardens which is an area called the German Colony. Super awesome place where we had a great dinner. Our new philosophy is if we’re ever lost, as long as we’re heading up the mountain we’re going in the right direction. It’s worked so far so we’ll see how well that works in the future!

Purim is coming up next weekend and after another trip to the Grand Canyon (Israel’s largest mall located here in Haifa), I have a potential costume. Pictures to come.

Alright, now for the epic Shabbos evening. It started with walking to the local Orthodox synagogue where several of us walked and enjoyed a nice traditional service. We were then invited back to a family’s house and that was where the awesomeness began. The house was gorgeous and the family was so welcoming. In no time they had setup enough places for all of us which ended up being around fifteen people. And they just happened to have enough (MORE than enough) super delicious food for all of us.

We all had an incredible time, speaking in a mix of English and Hebrew (but mostly English) and singing some traditional Shabbos songs. The family was just so nice and it was really great to have a home cooked meal. But really, you had to be there to get the full experience. My words are not enough to paint the whole picture. From the dad going around to all our plates and making us eat more, to him giving all the girls cashews and telling us they will help us to meet our Israeli husbands, it was just such an experience. I’ll definitely be looking forward to going back again!

So, Shabbat Shalom as week three comes to end! Where has the time gone??


Pammie’s full blog: http://shalomfromhaifa.wordpress.com/


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