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From Florida to Haifa to Jerusalem by Liz Nordlinger

Liz at Kiryat MoriahDo you know exactly what The Jewish Agency and MASA Israel are and what they are here for? Before Friday, I only had a minimal understanding of these organizations and what they do. Now, I see why these organizations are here and how they benefit people both here in Israel and abroad.

On Friday, May 3, I was invited to go to the Jewish Agency headquarters (Kiryat Moriah) in Jerusalem to speak to people from Florida about my experience here in Israel. When I arrived, I was not aware of who exactly would be there. After having a short conversation with one guest, he said there were people from my hometown there. He calls them over and that moment of shock, happiness, and disbelief happened to me. A family friend whom I haven’t seen in several years, and who used to tutor me in elementary school was in Israel, thousands of miles away from where we live. I still cannot believe this occurred. People say the world is small, but now it just seems tiny. We were able to catch up and it made the whole experience even more than I could ask for.

After touring the campus, I learned about what MASA Israel and The Jewish Agency do. This was very interesting to me. I was unaware of how diverse these organizations were and how much positive work they do. Everyone should explore both of their websites and understand these organizations. From scholarships to volunteer programs to aliyah, these organizations help Jewish people ALL around the world.

After that, we heard from Natan Sharansky who is the chairman of The Jewish Agency. Sitting next to him and hearing him speak to a small group was a once in a lifetime experience. Hearing about his personal opinions on politics and the work he does for The Jewish Agency was very interesting to listen to.

If I was not a MASA Israel scholarship recipient and if I was not from Florida and studying here at the University of Haifa International School, I do not think I would have had this opportunity. I am very appreciative they chose me to speak. This was a great opportunity and I am excited to speak with more people about my experiences again soon.


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