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Hecht Museum

One of the reasons I love living on the campus of a large university is the ability to have access to resources that small schools, like my alma mater SUNY Geneseo, just could not afford. The Hecht Museum is located in the Main Building here, and has a fantastic collection of archaeological relics found throughout Israel. I love history when it is told in the form of a story. Believe me, it can be told in a very very dry way that is anti-story. I went to the Hecht Museum during class. No, I wasn’t cutting ulpan, we went as a group to learn about Israel’s history and some hebrew in the process. I plan on returning soon (I got some good poetry urges in there) to see the mosaics, coins, and recovered ship that is in the maritime wing. There is also an art wing of the museum that I am itching to check out, which houses the works of some major artists like Monet, Manet, and Van Gogh. I was really intrigued by two pieces in the museum in particular. The first was a ceramic or stone box (I can’t remember the proper name for it) that bodies were put into for a second burial. One of the boxes had Hebrew written on it: it said mother in Hebrew, which was so awesome to be able to read! The other artifact was a large sarcophagus-like thing with a weird slanty face. It wasn’t quite Egyptian, as there was an Egyptian relic conveniently placed beside it for contrast. The guide said that archaeologists are still unsure of who created the sarcophagus-graves, which were rounded and looked like they were made of a clay-like substance. They may have been made by the mysterious Sea People, who have been noted in Egyptian history through hieroglyphic tales of battles.

The final exam for ulpan is on Thursday, so many people are really buckling down hard on studying. I am working on learning the infinitive, prepositions, and pronouns, but really what I don’t know, I just won’t know for the exam. I feel that I have made a significant leap in my knowledge of Hebrew at ulpan, and I am not at all disappointed with my progress. For me, it doesn’t matter what I get on a test, but if I can understand what others are saying in conversations on the street, and if I can recognize words when I see them.


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