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I told Hannah of my idea to check out areas of Haifa we really hadn’t explored before, like the German colony. Kaylee joined us, and we hopped on the bus and over to the German Colony. It is always such a reward to get off at the right bus stop. The German Colony is in a really nice area of the city, with cafes, and a spectacular view of the Shrine of the Ba’b. We wandered around some random streets and found ourselves in the industrial zone by the bay (and the port), and went into an outlet mall, which proved to be successful in terms of finding things we needed. In the heat, we headed back in the direction of the German Colony, to an area that our International School tour group passed by and had the most amazing desserts in the window. We bought a small box of hand-picked bakalava and other crazy delicious pastries that are simply beyond words for only 25 shekels (~$6.25). Wow. This one little mound of shredded wheat with pistachios inside was beyond words.

After we were finished with the German Colony, we decided to head over to the shuk, in Hadar, which wasn’t too far away. It was the first time I took a bus without an endpoint at the university, but I had a pretty good idea of where I was going. Again, it was another transportation success, and we got our items from the shuk without any problems. I was able to re-stock my supply of dates as well. Mmmmm.

We brought our food back to the university and cooked a dinner of shakshuka (diced tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, in a frying pan, covered by eggs sunny-side up) and cous-cous. The eggs were (surprisingly) cooked to perfection (given that the hot plates here are not ideal kitchenware) and Hannah whipped up a perfect batch of cous-cous, not sticky, not dry, and perfectly seasoned. We had a fantastic dinner of good food, good company, and thanks to Kaylee’s kind suitemate, good wine, which was deeeeelish. After we cleaned our plates, we sat around for about two hours cracking jokes about the most ridiculous things in humor that can only be appreciated in Israel. It was a great evening. I’m wiped, and excited for my 6:30 departure (insane) to Jerusalem tomorrow morning.


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