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Update from Yael

The evenings here are so lovely, and the breeze is just the right temperature on the mountain. That was something that was quite lacking in Tel Aviv, the breeze. I’ve heard some people here complain that Haifa is comparatively more boring than Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, but it feels like my kind of speed. I don’t need to be completely overwhelmed by people and traffic. I like the range of (I guess) geographic markers, like the sea, the forest, the mountain. And the breeze! I don’t necessarily need a crazy party scene or religious sites to keep me occupied.

Tomorrow I have a mid-term in my class, which should go well, considering the glacial pace we move in level one. I helped one of the Korean girls in my class today, and she finally began asking me questions about words she didn’t know rather than sitting silently in confusion. I know how difficult learning this language must be for her in English, and I hope that my corrections for her pronunciations were helpful, not that I am the greatest authority on Hebrew.

I went to office hours after class and talked with my teacher about the pronunciation of a’yin, especially with vowels. Sometimes, my hazy memory of other languages resurface and help inform my learning process here. The vowels are the same as the vowels in French, which I remember from watching Muzzy as a kid in elementary school. Again, I really just need someone to sit next to me and help me read out loud. When I do that, I can totally feel new neural connections forming (okay, maybe, maybe not, but I’d like to think I can).

I took a nice afternoon nap, completed more homework, and then headed down (well, technically up, with the elevator) to the moadon for the “intensive homework club.” There, I completed my work and was able to ask questions to the other students who know way more than me. It was very helpful. Of course, homework club dissolved once again into conversation club, where I chatted with Yishak (shout out to Yishak, now following me on tumblr, whatup dude) about poetry and the nature of art. I’m sure we were an annoying distraction to other people, but I am always game for a philosophical discussion about writing, and enjoyed getting to know Yishak and his unique aesthetic. It is also a good reminder for me about my own values as a writer/artist, and what I believe in.

Alright, small test tomorrow, and hopefully heading to the beach with my girls to celebrate.


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