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Michael’s Winter Break in Israel

The spring semester begins on the 20th.  I finished writing my last two assignments last Saturday.  One was a report on education and unemployment in Jordan and the other was a proposal for a report on media coverage of the Iceland economic crisis. 

On Sunday I had a meeting with a representative from Shatil.  Shatil is a non-profit organization that offers consultation services to other non-profits in Israel.  It’s an umbrella corporation in that it services many smaller non-profits.  They are going to connect me with an organization that I can intern with for my last semester here in Haifa.   

From Jerusalem I took a bus to Tel Aviv.  I know of a hostel there.  I arrived around 8 or 9 in the evening.  At the hostel I met a gentleman whom was staying at the hostel on my first visit, David.  We spoke for some time and I invited him to go to Masada with me.  At first he declined but later accepted the offer.  We left from Tel Aviv in the morning and arrived at Arad at 230 in the afternoon.  From Arad there is a 21 k trip to get to Masada.  We planned on hitchhiking.  It didn’t work out aside from a ride from a nice Israeli gentleman that took off about 1hour of our journey.  We arrived at 2100, completely exhausted and sore from the trip.  Along the way we met some young Israeli men were been doing a survival hike, it was part of their boot camp experience. 

The next morning I climbed up Masada and took some pictures of the sunrise.  Masada overlooks the Dead Sea and into Jordan to the east.  To the south there is more dead sea. The north looks up the Dead Sea and at the desert mountains of the Judean on the west.  A very beautiful 360 view.  Herod built the fortification.  It had water storage and lots of food for living up to 2 years.  It was 3 years after the fall of Jerusalem that the romans were able to siege the fortification.  They built a ramp to get to the top of Masada.  One of the workers at Masada told us that the romans took Jews from Jerusalem to build it because the Jewish people wouldn’t attack another Jewish person. 

We climbed down the other side of Masada to a bus stop.  We quite tired by this time, my feet were very sore.  From Masada we took a bus to Tel Aviv and then I took a bus to Haifa.  It was quite the trip. 

The weather is Haifa has been cold and stormy but, it is nothing compared to what is experienced in New York at this time. 



For pictures, please visit this link.


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