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When you pass an event horizon, I’d say it’s about impossible to realize. Say, the halfway point, that could be halftime during the game. Now, it’s easy to see that, but when the teams disperse, they take with them the efforts of half the game, and they return, ready to give another half. But that half unfolds as the first did, in seconds and minutes, in deafening shouts and cheers from riled spectators, in penalties that cause half of them to cry afoul while the other half jeers with approval, and points scored bringing one team’s goals to reality. It’s all still seconds and minutes, counting forward unseen for the hype yet expected, same as turf yet to be torn by gnashing cleats or the sifting of sand underfoot, slick from the touch of supple lapping surf, or the pale ghost of moisture your step would leave behind if pressed bare on the stone floors of Talia. It seems like weeds always reclaim the ground where people pave out twisting two lane roads, and where men pull stones for cities built even on mountain sides facing the sea.

Seeing the event horizon in retrospect though.. I’d say it was sometime in October, maybe toward the end of the month. I celebrated a birthday here. I was surrounded by friends, laughter, food and drink, the ingredients of not just a great time, but a time to be remembered, etched in cool mind marble. That way, I can always read the writing, even if in time, its edges become dull or its face faded. At that point, it was like I had ‘settled in’, as if I were at home. Going through study tour and the other tours that were organized through the university, as well as going out, learning Haifa, etc, I had seen a lot at that point, and there was a sort of sensory overload. There was withdrawal in me.  The dichotomy of the country as it related specifically to me really started to hit. I wasn’t home, or even at a home away from home really. I grew up with dreams of traveling abroad, and I don’t regret any day I’ve spent here, and all that said, I want to come back someday. I’m fortunate to be able to look back along those twisting roads, and see where the bends are and what caused them, laying down pavement for the two lane road ahead that can be at least a little straighter, right up to the next horizon.

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