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Well, the end is coming up. I’m set to leave on January 26th, but before I do, I want to get in some more content and thoughts. A lot of time has passed since the Golan trip, and thinking back on that gap, it’s difficult for me to pinpoint specific events or sights that kind of have that quality about them that makes me sit up and go, “Yalla, let’s write about this, right now!”, and then actually doing it. At least, that’s been part of my thought process. It’s like I want there to be more hindsight. I have taken a lot of pictures though. Going through them, I took a look at some photos I captured during a going away party for a friend named Laura, from Germany. She had been here since August in the Summer Ulpan; I met her through a mutual friend that I took that course with. Seeing the images from the party, the shakshuka and mango curry, people laughing and talking around the table, those images connected to older memories in my mind. They reminded me of when Laura and I, along with three other students, took an overnight trip to Jerusalem. I got to know them all decently well along the way, and I also got the opportunity to explore the city a bit on my own. They reminded me of how we all went out and got beers on Shabbat with our host, and how I found a church, and sat while staring out across the Old City and its wall thinking then, how I had so much time left. The trip was a great time, and whenever I think about my August in Israel, I’ll remember that trip. Remembrance, and the value of creating memories, I think that will be a central theme of what I come away with when this trip is over.


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