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What I Learnt About Faith

I’ve been living in Haifa already thirteen days. Oh well, yes, for some it may sound just maybe enough time to warm one’s feet on a new land, yet for me it has been and still is an experience that whoever I will meet in the near or distant feature will kindly ask me to shut up. Because I plan to begin all my upcoming conversations and sentences something like this “And when I was in Israel…”

Why is it so magical and why am I so carried away? Well, the first thing that I’ve learnt basically is – not reading anything or texting while on a bus. Even if I feel like sleeping (since let’s say we left for Jerusalem at 6.30 in the morning) I cannot close my eyes because the view here is breathtaking.

This post, however, I want to speak about what is (how I learnt) most important in Judaism – Faith.  I believe that the first time I heard about it was a couple of days ago in a lecture entitled “Current Affairs” given by Professor Yisrael Nee’man. Then, the day after, on our trip to Nazareth, and finally, yesterday, in Jerusalem. I am not sure about the details when and where but the message I would like to rephrase and let everyone know is that the facts don’t really matter as long as there is belief – faith. I was very much moved by this idea and yet I don’t know how this whole experience will influence my life or the way I perceive my surroundings, but it is something that makes you stop a bit and reconsider one’s life observation. Just like I learn about Shabbat – it is time to pause running and working and to think about whether your taken path is the right one and whether it is the right thing to do. I may be interpreting everything that I have heard and learnt in my very own way, but, oh well, I am here to discover. And I have been discovering myselfJ

I might say I was skeptical about the way that Jerusalem affects people. I am not a skeptic anymore. I had a moment of my own where I got really emotional. Even remembering it now makes me want to come back. It is true what they say, Jerusalem prays, Haifa studies Hebrew intensively and Tel Aviv is on Tuesday!

– Bartaute


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