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Looking Back – Adventures in Israel

Marketing Coordinator again! When I got to the office this morning, a recent spring semester student, Allie, had put up a new note on Facebook titled “Adventures in Israel-Looking Back.” I messaged her immediately, asking if I could post the note onto our blog and her response was heartfelt saying: “sure! I’d be honored. I really had an amazing semester and I’m so so so glad i chose haifa. i think it’s the best city in Israel and the best program out there. thanks for everything”  So here it is, what Allie learned during her time in Israel:

What I Learned in Israel

–          A screaming cat can sound exactly like a crying baby

–          Actual fresh fruits and vegetables spoil after 4-5 days

–          Dates are delicious

–          A girl can never own enough scarves

–          The sun is definitely stronger in the Middle East

–          It gets ridiculously cold in the desert at night

–          Sleeping outside under the stars isn’t as desirable as I originally thought

–          Everyone loves Matzah Ball Soup

–          Surprisingly, the Kosher for Passover section is way bigger at home than in Haifa

–          Living in Haifa is like living in a postcard, and the miraculous views never get old

–          Squirrels are considered exotic in Israel

–          It’s okay to tuck in your shirt sometimes

–          It’s also okay to wear tights underneath shorts

–          Israel has a real reason to celebrate Independence Day

–          Always get a transfer ticket for the bus… just in case

–          Banana-date is the yummiest smoothie combination

–          Taking a mud bath at the Dead Sea is 99% fun, 1% good for your skin

–          Mint leaves make great tea

–          If you point at it, you have to buy it

–          What nuts look like before they are cracked open

–          The most popular Israeli radio station plays more songs in English than Hebrew

–          I can live without my hair straightener.  It broke on the first day

–          In Israel, lunch is at 2pm and dinner is at 8pm

–          How to master military time and Celsius

–          Mediterranean Sea > Jersey Shore

–          I have a weakness for sunsets and sunrises

–          Sometimes you have to put up a little fight to get what you want


What I won’t miss at all

–          The stray cats

–          The second hand smoke


 What I’ll miss the most

–          The view of Haifa

–          The shuk

–          The people I met


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Marketing Director for the University of Haifa International School. Offering students from over 40 countries around the world an academic summer,semester or yearlong opportunity in Haifa!

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